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Here are a couple of downloads that might come in handy for a couple of you:


A fat woman falls off her motorbike. The first time I saw this I cried with laughter, and so did all my mates!


A worker gets angry with his computer. I think the un-crashable windows 98 crashed once to often!


Remote Administrator. For those of you have a LAN at home, this remote control software is an excellent tool. It is only a demo and expires after 30 days, but all the same it is recommended by me.


Washing Machine. Don't know what this clip is like, so watch it and find out!


Technical Help. When you're trying to help someone remember, stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. Alternatively you can shout at them!


School Bus. The thing that made me laugh at this one is the kid who sits at the back on the right. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.


Guy shooting himself. This one is absolutely horrible. I was hesitant to put this link here, so don't watch this one if you are easily offended - seriously!

No Breaks This car needs his breaks tested again.