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Here are some of my favorite web pages that I think are worth a visit.

If you would like a link to your web page on this page or you can think of a good site, e-mail me and I will probably add it here.

Find out about the Derbyshire area.

David Briggs' home page.

A top record label, with loads of goods recordings.

Recordings made by John Scott

CDs recorded by John Scott with the choir and the organ of St. Paul's Cathedral.

A good computer games site with loads of downloads.

A good site to do with organs.

A really good site to the sit-com - Friends.

St. Paul's homepage - a link to one of best cathedrals in the world.

The Royal College of Organists homepage.

Philippe Herreweghe - one of the best conductors.

Philippe Herreweghe is highly recommended if you want a quality CD of a certain piece. For example, I have bought the St. Matthew Passion and the Mass in b minor (JS BACH) conducted by P. H. and they are truly amazing!

A list of a few organ CDs

A smallish list of organ recordings.

The best site to the best film ever - Fight Club.

A top page for your mobile phone.

A good mp3 site for Trance Music.

A lot of Java Applets.

Another great Friends site!.

Gabrielle told me about this site. Its about mobile phones.

Matt Randall's web site. Way Out.

A rate good site dedicated to Chris Moyles.

A good site for Slipknot fans.