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Here are some online games you can play for free. Just click on a link below to play the game.



A WayFish (mine and Jenny Davison's saying so don't nick it!) shooting game. Surely you've seen or played Asteroids before so I won't explain what its like.


Ping Pong

The old favorite with a sleek look! A tribute to the old days.


Torpedo Alley

This Java arcade game brings you excitement and danger under the sea! Sink enemy shipping while dodging mines, torpedoes, and depth charges.


Tank Game 

Ready, Aim, FIRE! Try to blow up enemy tanks before they get to you first. If you 

liked 'Worms' you'll love this game.


Tail Gunner

Amazing graphics on this shooter game. Don't really know what the plot is, but its a really good game.


Table Soccer 

Play against the computer or another human player on Table Soccer. Choose how 

many goals you need to win.



Another version of a popular game. See how many blocks the snake can eat but don't run into the walls or yourself!


Rush Hour 

A mind baffling game. Try and guide the Volkswagen to the exit. If you manage to 

complete this game, send me a screenshot with your name (and a picture, if you have one) and I will make you famous.


3D Driver

Remember Pole Position? Well, 3DDriver isn't quite that, but it is a fun driving game.


Real Invaders

The earth is being invaded and you are the first line of defense ... the only defense! Play this space invaders game and save the world - maybe the universe.