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Here's a picture of my cousins (from my mums half) and me (The two little kids on the left aren't relatives).

From left to right: Caroline, John, Me, Katherine, Mark, Victoria (my sister), Katy, Wendy.

Front on right: Amy and Emily.

Here's a picture of my cat called Sophie.

Ian Tracey's home - Liverpool Cathedral.


The interior of Liverpool Cathedral (soz about the line down the middle).


Chesterfield Parish Church


The interior of Chesterfield Parish Church.


The Lady Chapel in the East End of the church (Chesterfield Parish).


A picture of one of my mates.


Matt Randall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think this person must have been high!


My Way Out sister.


That high person again, only this time is recovering from a hang-over!

Does anybody know where this was taken? I'll give you a clue, somewhere in Alton Towers.