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Chris Moyles


The best radio DJ from Radio 1.



Radio1 Home


Christopher Moyles was born in Leeds in Feb 1974.

His parents were blessed by a young good looking child that would one day change the face of entertainment.

Sadly, Chris went on to become a DJ on local station Aire FM. After being fired from a string of other stations in such exotic locations as Stoke and Milton Keynes, he went to work for Radio 1.

(There are lots of other stations that Chris worked at, but if you are that desperate to know which ones... You need to get a life!!)

Chris has met lots of celebrities since joining Radio 1, including Simon Mayo, Ant'n'Dec and Carol Vorderman.

He has no children and lives in brixton.



Hi, my name's Dave and I'm a Taurus. I'm twenty six years old and my hobbies include watching tv and offshore marlin fishing I was born in a hospital in Hong Kong on the 24th of April which is my birthday.

I was abandoned by my parents at the age of two and was raised from then on by a family of urban sea otters who treated me as one of their own.

I graduated from the Warrington institute for the academically gifted in 1995, and moved to London to find fame and fortune.

This didn't work out so I got a job working on the Chris Moyles show as a telephone operative.

Having served my apprenticeship, I'm now fortunate enough to occupy the lofty position of head writer of the Chris Moyles show, where my role is to provide oodles of glamour and bucketloads of pizzazz.


My name is Lizzie, I am a 23 year old piscean from the popular seaside resort, Southport, where I worked for several years as a shrimp technician. I then became a juggler with the Ainsdale Acrobatic All stars, but was sacked. I later received compensation for 'funfair dismissal'!

My achievements include a respectable amount of brownie badges, grade four level in tap dancing, and a beginners synchronised swimmers certificate.

I now live a modest life in north London with my mates and cats, tigga and muffy.

My hobbies include snowboarding, Liverpool football club, bingo, and throwing the javlin.


Will Kinder was born at an early age and raised by his natural parents in Surrey. After an undistinguished academic career resulting in a handful of 'O'Levels and a UGUFF in Business Studies, he graduated the University of Life with a Masters Degree in Hard Knocks.

A flirtation with Hospital Radio led to a hopeless addiction with the business we call 'show'. Many hours spent working for a pittance in Local Radio led to a job at one of London's biggest radio stations. But it wasn't until his disastrous '' business venture went belly-up (the world wide didn't seem ready for that Will was lured back to the bright lights of London.

Radio 1 begged him to join the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show and he graciously accepted. Following Zoe's departure and the subsequent birth of Woddy, Will went on to work with Sara Cox, Emma B, Jamie Theakston. After failing to impress in many fields he was moved to the Chris Moyles Show (the so called 'boot camp' of Radio 1).

Will Kinder now lives in abject poverty in Surrey with his boa constrictor and a fish called Wanda. He was 31.


Updated 6 Mar 2001

5/3/01 - Dial A Mate - Chris gets compassionate when a caller has no friends...
30/2/01 - The Great Receptionist Stopwatch Challenge - A NEW WORLD RECORD!!
30/2/01 - The East-end-'er Phil - This is actually who rang him...
29/2/01 - Lizzie has her very own catchphrase... hear how it came about
23/2/01 - Secret Squirrel - This one's for the blokes - what happens when your girlfriend finds out your secret!
23/2/01 - The Popstars band 'Hearsay' come in to give their first interview to Chris - and do a bit of live singing!
19/2/01 - Highlights from the first 3 hour show
Trouble with wind? Get some Chapputty from Moyles Corp.
Get fit? You must be joking! Click here to listen.
Tom Baker gets in touch with the other side... as John phones NASA
She was up the spout, and Chris celebrates by becoming The Official DJ of Madonna's Pregnancy!
Coming soon to a radio near you... Billy Ocean Weekend to listen.
Fancy a job in radio? Well, we couldn't be arsed, but Radio Ormskirk General are recruiting...
Just listen to it - the beginning of the Christmas Show
...and you can hear the whole of the Christmas Show
Stars In Their Flies - The Crew have a go at being famous
Remember that long hot summer? Well, forget that, what about when we did Big Mutha?
More fun on the phone with the studio crew
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