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Tribal S Slipknot  Tribal S


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The band has several different color jumpsuits: Red, black, blue, light blue, white, green, and brown. On one sleeve is the number of the member, on the left sleeve is the tribal S, smaller barcode, or 6(sic)6 (depending on the jumpsuit).  On the front left chest is a small barcode, and on the back is a large barcode. The symbols, barcodes, and such are done in quality stitching.  If you look closely, you will see that the number in the barcode is the same as the first song on the album.  The barcode originated from MFKR. Look at the barcode on the back of the CD case, if you have an original.

All their masks were made originally themselves (for the most part), with the help of a man that has the AIM screen name KingVigo. And yes, the dreads on Corey's mask is partly made out of his own hair.

Corey has an 18 inch neck, according to Shawn.

The lyric "you can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes" in Eyeless actually came from a homeless person Corey and Shawn walked by after their first visit to Roadrunner's offices in NY, to try and close a deal.  The homeless person was saying the later famous lyric over and over again. is maintained by 133mHz (#5), while is maintained by Shawn (#6) and a guitar tech for the band.

The self-titled debut of Slipknot on Roadrunner Records was the most successful record debut the record company has ever had.

Not all the members currently in the band were in the band when Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. was released. In fact, the only people that were in the band back then that are still in it today are Joey (#1), Shawn (#6), and Paul (#2). As you probably know, Shawn and Paul were the founders of Slipknot.

James is actually taller than Mick, contrary to what it looks like.  James is 6'6" and Mick is 6'2".




Corey Taylor - Vocals
Nicknamed "The Sickness"

Corey is the master of the horrid vocals and lyrics in Slipknot. Before he joined the band, he worked in a porn shop to earn money. On stage he is loud, fast, and out of control. Offstage, he seems very calm and down to Earth.
Quote - "We aren't hiding behind these masks, we're actually revealing more to you than you might think. The mask I wear brings out all the sh*t inside me that I hate. Plus it hurts like hell, which helps my intensity."
Mask - Used to be a leatherface cover, with brown/blonde dreads. Yes, some of the dreads were made of his real hair.  He used to wear them through the mask, but he cut them off because it was a pain to pull them through.  Also, he was always changing his hairstyle.  Now, his mask is made out of molded latex instead of leather.  Most of the dreads now seem to be fake.

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Mick Thompson - Guitar
Nicknamed "Log"

Mick is the lead guitarist of the band. He's huge, as you can see. He claims to be a fan of serial killers, but yet he loves cats.
Quote - "If I were a famous killer, I'd take some of the finer points of quite a few of them - Albert Fish and Ed Gein spring to mind. But I'm not a violent person by nature. Don't f*ck with me, and you'll be fine."
Mask - Hockey mask that looks like metal, but it is actually leather.

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Shawn Crahan - Percussion
Nicknamed "Kong"

Shawn adds an interesting sound to Slipknot.
His drumset is made of titanium. He made it himself, because he has a background in welding, and he's good at it. Shawn starts a good amount of fights on stage, when he's not playing (another awesome thing about Slipknot), and has a sort of rivalry with Sid. Shawn is also one of the co-founders of Slipknot with Paul (2).
Quote - "I've wanted to be a clown because there's something nice about me, and something pretty twisted as well. If someone stares at me on my way to the stage, I don't get up until the look away first."
Mask - Shawn has a custom-made clown mask he has made himself.

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Craig Jones - Media/Sampling
Nicknamed "133mHz"

So you're wondering how the sound in the very beginning of the CD is made, huh? Well, that's made by Craig, the sampler. He puts some crazy twists on the CD by adding sounds from movies on such into the music. From what I hear, Craig (nicknamed 133mHz) is also the webmaster of the official Slipknot sites. After Slipknot is done playing a set, Craig leaves and secludes himself.
Quote - "Sometimes, when we are working our way up to the stage, we'll shove our way through the crowd. When people see me coming, they mostly get out of the way. But sometimes they don't..."
Mask - He wears a "diver's" (actually a gas station helmet) with nails (spikes) coming out of the top.

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James Root - Guitar
Nicknamed "The Peach"

James is the newest member of the band. He joined Slipknot during the recording of the CD. James is one of my favorite members of the band.  He is very fast and technical with the guitar.... practice pays off.
Quote - "The guys chose this mask to tame me (referring to his old bondage hood). Joining this band takes a little getting used to. I was a timid guy before I joined them. Now I'm a freak! Am I as borderline psychotic as the rest? Ask me in a month!"
Mask - He now wears a court jester/demon mask. In my opinion, it has got to be one of the coolest masks of the band.  

Click here to learn how to mask James' mask.

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Chris Fehn - Percussion
Nicknamed "Mr. Picklenose"

Chris is known as the soft spoken joker of the band. I mean, really... how could he not be with that mask?
Quote - "This mask reflects my comic personality. Plus I chose it for the bondage factor. When you put it on, it takes you to another place. Its very hot, its very tight, and it hurts - that goes along with the aggression we create."
Mask - Chris wears a bondage type Pinnochio mask, with a nose about 7-8 inches long.  He has several different versions of this mask.

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Paul Grey - Bass

Paul is the co-founder of Slipknot with Shawn (6). Seems to be a friendly person, with an indulgent personality.
Quote - "When we go to radio stations for interviews, we wear the masks and never fail to freak people out. Are the masks a fetish thing? I'm definitely into that stuff. Des Moines definitely has more than its fair share of freaks."
Mask - Paul wears a pig's face mask with its septum pierced.

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Joey Jordison - Drums

Joey is my favorite member of Slipknot. He is an UNBELIEVABLE drummer. He's talkative, diminutive, and just really down to Earth.
Quote - "Ross (Robinson) is insane! Once, when we were recording here, he threw a potted plant at me. It exploded on the wall over my head and the dirt went in my mouth. It was awesome."
Mask - Joey wears an expressionless Japanese mask that is now marked up with black paint for a darker look.

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Sid Wilson - Turntables
Nicknamed "Monkeyboy"

Sid is a sick son of a B. He's really sarcastic, and he claims he suffers from 'organic brain syndrome'. Sid and Shawn (6) maintain a rivalry, which usually breaks out as violence on stage.  Sid is definitely one of the craziest people in the band, he has stage dived from a 2 story balcony.
Quote - "Wearing this mask prevents the oxygen from going to my skull. I get hallucinations and stuff. Half the time, I don't know what's going on around me. Its up to the clown to intimidate me and keep me in line."
Mask - Sid wears a variety of gas masks.

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